Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Camden comics thing sans barcode


Ok so we havnt posted much in a while...

Well we were in Bristol selling the comic a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to find other things and places to go to but in the mean time I do have one to tell you about.

Taking place next saturday Camden lock market is in part going to be taken over by a load of comic people!

The organisers will tell you more about it so click the link...

LUC No Barcodes

I'll be going along to have some fun and, without being selfish, make our comic stand out!

Im also trying to get involved in some green fairs & events over the summer but as it goes we only have one thing to sell, so stall costs become a bit prohibitive. If anyone knows anyone who is going to be at a fair over the summer that is willing to sell our comic for us, or let me come along and sell our comic, let me know. I'm not work shy so I'll help who ever out with labour and contribute to costs.

For the moment I'll continue plotting and let you know,

Take Care


Friday, 9 May 2008

Catching a Train

Just a quick note as I really have to get ready to go and catch a train for Bristol

We'll be down there for the Bristol comic Expo this weekend. If you are in the area or already going come & say hello,

I'll probably be wearing some kind of Do you want to kiss it better T shirt.

Also our comic is now available at Forbidden Planet Ltd Shops,

I've been a bit too social this week so I'll be doing lots more comic work next week

Catch you soon