Monday, 28 January 2008

Images refined

To clear up what I have already said….

By the way I am no expert on comic drawing I'm trying to put some information together for those of us less knowledgeable

Ok we are going for a standard US comic:

This gives us the below,

Full Size: 7" x 10.5" (178mm x 267mm)
Trim: 6.625x10.25" (168mm x 260mm)
Live Area: 6x9" (152.4mm x 228.6mm)

Basically up to the trim will defiantly get printed on the page, but you should make sure all the important stuff is within the 6 x 9 area, especially any dialogue.

Once you have done your drawing you can send it to us and we will treat it like a new born child & scan it in, or you can scan it in for us, but please use the file formats as below.

If you are drawing the picture digitally set up the full size 7" x 10.5" dimensions as the image size, (there is a handy template available - check out - just paste it on top of your image and set the opacity down check for slightly more detailed )

Now make sure you set the image to 300 DPI (you should find this in the image settings) and when you save it, save it as a Tiff File.

So that is again,

Full Size 7" x 10.5"
300 DPI
Tiff File

Any questions please ask & I will endeavour to answer somehow

Once you've done your images send it over!!!

More news soon, but I have put a few pictures up to show that I have done some work.


Sunday, 27 January 2008

If I can you can surely...


So this evening I wrote something... which I will very shortly badger Lou to draw. No spoilers just yet, it needs a bit of work on layouts...

I hope to clarify a few things about image sizes / formats etc, but Ill save that for tomorrow, when my brain has recovered from an EPIC! weekend.

In other news I now have a decent camera which I will use to give some pictorial updates when we get new stuff to show you (only small previews of course).

Take Care

Ian -->

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Category: Pets and Animals

helloooooo. we're gettting a lot of feedback from writers, and most artists seem to be doing their own thing or have writers they work with. if you can illustrate something and would like us to send you a script from one of our writers please let us know, and get in touch. and hassle your arty friends to do it. and arty people you don't know. i've hassled nearly everyone in the world the last 2 days i think!!

anyway, here are 2 poems by Joeseph McGowan, which it would be nice if someone could illustrate. we also have about 3 people who want to know if there is an artist they can work with before they start on scripts, so get in touch.....

on the subject of poverty, which we aim to cover in later issues....

thanks so much to joe, lets have some artists step up for this now!!!!


well, here we go kids. so far we have l'il gettin on with 3 pages. jim mahfood is gonna do what he can, hopefully 2 pages, but y'know, i love one page filler man. rufus, being the wonderful person that he is, is gonna give us 3 pages hopefully, and he's gonna try and sweet talk al martin into writin it for/with him. Geof says fetishman, will be making an appearance. or at least we'll get something a bit rude.... dani is workin away brainstormin' already. the collosally (i can't be arsed to work out how to spell that), cool king blues are gonna do us a 3 panel strip, which im really lookin forward to. hope zane played em on his show last night, cuz they are good, and radio one normally plays crap. which is why despite requesting it 5 times i wasnt actually listening. anyway. ian and i will be doing 2 pages he reckons, so im gonna do some pages with clare too. we've had some googlemail responses,and we have a writer called neil who may be looking for an artist, so if you don't want to write, let us know we can match you up with someone, or vice versa. my previous manager steve, will put on the largest of his thinking hats and get back to us. we've had a couple of gumtree responses too but again we need artists. and lucy is going to talk to loads of vinyl designers the weekend and see what we can get out of them. its all going pretty well really....... and i'm sure i've forgotten someone. if i have, i'm sorry havent been up long and i have to move house which is kinda stressing me. because letting agents appear to be made of stupid.

thanks everyone who's on board!!!

if you wanna take photos of youin the process so we can post some updates and have something toputinthephotos that isnt just me bein a tard, then go for it!!!


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Digital image sizes....

Hello again

For any artists that want to get digital....

If you want image dimensions go for 3140 X 4780 pixels, at 300 DPI - (for each page), purely because these are the rough sizes that a little project called Transformers Mosaic has been using and I think (Ian the big Transformers fan) they have done a great job. check them out at.

Bed time methinks...

Things to write about,


Well having chewed the fat we thought it would be better to let everyone know what other causes we would like to help...

So there are Green issues; ranging from wold trade deficit to saving the forests and cutting polution & consumption...

Nature conservation; save the animals in the air land and sea, as well as their habitats,

AIDS; to help with prevention, as its better than cure, but also cure, because there isnt one yet, and treatment.

Amnesty; any matter of human rights;

Its not about drawing up a manifesto, its about trying to get people to realise whats going on around them...

If you have any ideas of how you might like to contribute arty stuff or story stuff to any of the above get in touch.

Take Care

more details

ok, sopeople have been asking if this is colour or grayscale. i would go for grayscale, as its going to becheaper for us to print, but we'll probably have a colour cover etc, so if you really really want to work in colour do that and we may have a bit of both. and timeframe wise, we would like to take this to nycc in april, which means we need the stuff early march at the latest,so we have time to do all the rest.

cheers for all the interest and feedback we've had, you all rock.

It begins

woohoo, lovely lucy lu has confirmed she will put something cute and environmentl together for the comic, she estimates a month to do it. this is gonna work!!!! i had a depressing start to the morning, but thats cheered me right up.