Monday, 28 January 2008

Images refined

To clear up what I have already said….

By the way I am no expert on comic drawing I'm trying to put some information together for those of us less knowledgeable

Ok we are going for a standard US comic:

This gives us the below,

Full Size: 7" x 10.5" (178mm x 267mm)
Trim: 6.625x10.25" (168mm x 260mm)
Live Area: 6x9" (152.4mm x 228.6mm)

Basically up to the trim will defiantly get printed on the page, but you should make sure all the important stuff is within the 6 x 9 area, especially any dialogue.

Once you have done your drawing you can send it to us and we will treat it like a new born child & scan it in, or you can scan it in for us, but please use the file formats as below.

If you are drawing the picture digitally set up the full size 7" x 10.5" dimensions as the image size, (there is a handy template available - check out - just paste it on top of your image and set the opacity down check for slightly more detailed )

Now make sure you set the image to 300 DPI (you should find this in the image settings) and when you save it, save it as a Tiff File.

So that is again,

Full Size 7" x 10.5"
300 DPI
Tiff File

Any questions please ask & I will endeavour to answer somehow

Once you've done your images send it over!!!

More news soon, but I have put a few pictures up to show that I have done some work.


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