Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Category: Pets and Animals

helloooooo. we're gettting a lot of feedback from writers, and most artists seem to be doing their own thing or have writers they work with. if you can illustrate something and would like us to send you a script from one of our writers please let us know, and get in touch. and hassle your arty friends to do it. and arty people you don't know. i've hassled nearly everyone in the world the last 2 days i think!!

anyway, here are 2 poems by Joeseph McGowan, which it would be nice if someone could illustrate. we also have about 3 people who want to know if there is an artist they can work with before they start on scripts, so get in touch.....

on the subject of poverty, which we aim to cover in later issues....

thanks so much to joe, lets have some artists step up for this now!!!!

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