Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I have now posted a bunch more preview pictures in our previews album, the album is now public as it should be, so please tell anyone about it so they can have a look and get interested!

This obviously means we have had a few more submissions but we are still hoping for more.

I have to go and do something related to lettering now,

Laterz -->

Sunday, 24 February 2008


Lou has knocked up some T shirts. To help us stay warm...

If you would like a special T shirt let us know and we can produce one for you.

They will cost £5 and the money will go towards our printing costs for the comic.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Makin some green to save the green

Well you will be pleased to know I have been speaking to the World Land Trust and they have graciously allowed me the use of their logo, as you can see I have quickly knocked up a modified cover (it still a bit subject to change though).

I had to show them some samples in order to do this and what they saw they said they liked, so well done to you contributors!

They also sent me some pictures of their project areas so you could see what its all about. Please check out the www.worldlandtrust.org for more information.


small disclaimer.

Please note that our views & our contributors views have nothing to do with the world land trust's

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A new brief

A new brief,

Well issue one is coming together now so we would like to start getting people involved for issue 2. We would like to cover the issue of poverty of and development

So similar to issue 1 we would like 1-5 page strips in standard US size (170mm x 260mm) in grayscale as 300dpi Tiff files. You can submit colour versions but these will probably only be used online due to printing costs. The strips can be in any style you chose but they should ideally be at least remotely related to the issues of poverty & development, thinking on a tangent that requires people to be clever is also accepted (Lou thinks that is too wordy – but that is cos she is from cov innit).

Anyway if you want to contribute get in touch at myspace or facebook or doyouwanttokissitbetter@googlemail.com

Ian & Lou

p.s. issue 3 will be in aid of animal welfare and rights.......

Sunday, 17 February 2008

A certificate.

I have now moved, I am not yet networked so have to negotiate with lou to blog.

As you might have noticed I have put our cover up designed by the nice Phil Corbett, who is the author of Kitten Parasites.

I have also put up a photo of the certificate I recieved from the world land trust last year when I ran supporting them. We hope to acquire another one to save more acres.


Saturday, 16 February 2008

Trashy previews


Well things are progressing which is good, and tomorrow believe or not I will actually be moving so the DYWTKIB headquarters will be back up and running (this will replace and hopefully improve our satellite centre situation at the moment).

Until then I have a new posted some new preview pics in the album,

They are from Den Patrick's and Sarah Langton's strip entitled Trashed. With a more sci-fi plot & japanese styled art it adds something different to the mix.

You can also check Dens blog - http://likealittlekidwithabeard.blogspot.com/ for another take and http://www.secretarcticbase.com/ for more of Sarahs workings.

Now I have to go back and persuade her to finish drawing it.

Another preview soon and maybe even a cover....


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

i pulled mine out where’s your finger?

well i managed to get from the blobs with lines for eyes and stick legs stage to a real page of comic (no speech bubbles yet....). king blues beat you all to it with their strip, which is kick ass, thanks so much guys. lil is nearly there, and some other not so myspacey people, but eveyone else, we need some updates.... where you at?!

Love lou xxxxx

Monday, 11 February 2008

One strip in a few more to go


Well last week we had our first submission in from Itch Fox (of the King Blues www.myspace.com/thekingblues) & Jen McHugh (www.myspace.com/jenmchugh); Props to them for getting something done and submitted, check out there respective stuff too because its great.

In the meantime I have posted a small preview image of it in our previews album. I might post a little more if I am feeling generous.

Take Care


Sunday, 10 February 2008

If I was going to buy anyone a valentines gift it would be..


An acre of land, a chocate bar & a certificate, she's (or he) has got to be impressed with that eh?

Reminds me of the time I sponsered a monkey for my ex girlfriends christmas present, she thought it was a great present...

and why is there a mood for Jedi but not for Sith?


Friday, 8 February 2008

A little rant - Ian

"They are playing the fear card. It's time to start managing wolves as any other big game animals" Steve Nadeau of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, who thinks environmental groups suing over a rule allowing wolf culls in the northern rockies are overstating the likley extent of deaths.

I read that in a recent copy of New Scientist the other day.

Now I have read some of the stuff surrounding the matter and now know that wolves were reintroduced to the idaho rockie environment 13 years ago and that now people are campaigning for them to be hunted again. Now ecological issues aside the main thing that struck me is: How do we have the right?

No one manages us yet we seek to manage the world; we are trying to be gods but we will only end up destroying ourselves because we cant understand eachother or the world.

To read more about the story look here:


Thursday, 7 February 2008

Updates & Previews


Well our friend lil has kindly sent us some preview sketches, I have put a couple in our albums so you eager chaps can have a look at whats been done, (please note you have to be our friend to see the folder - you know you want to if you are not already). Check them out, they look ace (better than I could do - Ian).

If anyone else has some work in progress they can send to us for previw use get in touch...

Hopefully I will have some more previews & updates for you soon,

Take Care