Friday, 8 February 2008

A little rant - Ian

"They are playing the fear card. It's time to start managing wolves as any other big game animals" Steve Nadeau of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, who thinks environmental groups suing over a rule allowing wolf culls in the northern rockies are overstating the likley extent of deaths.

I read that in a recent copy of New Scientist the other day.

Now I have read some of the stuff surrounding the matter and now know that wolves were reintroduced to the idaho rockie environment 13 years ago and that now people are campaigning for them to be hunted again. Now ecological issues aside the main thing that struck me is: How do we have the right?

No one manages us yet we seek to manage the world; we are trying to be gods but we will only end up destroying ourselves because we cant understand eachother or the world.

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