Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A new brief

A new brief,

Well issue one is coming together now so we would like to start getting people involved for issue 2. We would like to cover the issue of poverty of and development

So similar to issue 1 we would like 1-5 page strips in standard US size (170mm x 260mm) in grayscale as 300dpi Tiff files. You can submit colour versions but these will probably only be used online due to printing costs. The strips can be in any style you chose but they should ideally be at least remotely related to the issues of poverty & development, thinking on a tangent that requires people to be clever is also accepted (Lou thinks that is too wordy – but that is cos she is from cov innit).

Anyway if you want to contribute get in touch at myspace or facebook or

Ian & Lou

p.s. issue 3 will be in aid of animal welfare and rights.......

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