Thursday, 4 September 2008

We have:

We have...

Do you want to kiss it better has:

Sold comics online
Sold comics on the street
Sold comics at the Bristol comic expo
Sold comics at Orbital comics in london
Sold comics at Gosh comics in London
Sold comics at the London zine symposium
Sold comics to their friends
Sold comics to their family
Sold comics in a pub at the Pens pencils & photocopier event
Sold comics in Camden market
Sold comics in all of Forbidden Planets stores
Sold comics on Forbidden Planets website.
Sold comics at the Camden green fair.

At least thats all I can remember at the moment...

But now I have a new one!

Sold comics in an art gallery at the Artful Dodger's exhibition.

He was kind enough to invite us along to sell comics at his private view preview night. and we did!

It was a fun more relaxing way to sell comics as it wasn't so hectic as a market and I wasn't jostling for attention.

If you get a chance go and check it out as it is actually art with method and purpose rather than design, and he's a really nice guy.

More news soon!

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