Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Brief

Ok so here is our new brief; I hope you can find some room in there

What does 'play' mean to you?

Charity comic 'Do You Want to Kiss it Better?' is putting together a new collection of work to raise money for War Child, and are looking for previously unpublished narrative art, sequential or otherwise, which expresses play in its many dynamic forms.

Many people, especially adults, don't get the chance to play. In a world where we're all growing up fast little time is left for our imaginations to run wild.
What was play to you as a child? What does it mean to you now? Can you even remember or is your life still one big game of make-believe?
This project is a tribute to play; what it means to you and what you would like it to mean to others.

This is a family-friendly comic, so while your work can be traditional strip art or abstract, with words or without words, our only stipulation is that it's suitable for a child's eyes.

please contact us for details

doyouwanttokissitbetter (at)

charity's website

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