Thursday, 7 October 2010

Work hard, play harder

If there's anything I've learnt about myself since moving out here to Vancouver, it's that I'm not a hard worker.

Despite having deadlines to stick to, and things I want to accomplish, I have the motivation of a flea. This has resulted in me being fairly stressed out of late as I struggle to complete a year-long book writing project that I really should've finished by now.

But when it comes to play-time I have no trouble summoning my energy. Perhaps it's not just me, perhaps I'm normal - maybe you're all fleas too, and this is one big flea circus where no one's sweeping up the mess, but everyone's happy to play on the trampolines. Ah... fleas!

But teeny tiny itchy animals aside, I must say play time is essential. The book I'm writing is about LEGO, and while LEGO itself is a true joy to meddle with, sitting down at a computer for hours a day in a dark basement apartment to write about it is far less fun. It makes me long for the days when playing with LEGO was just that and nothing more. Now, when I play, half my brain is thinking that I should be working instead.

And I'm a lazy person - I dread to think what someone who actually works hard is going through. So get out your LEGO, your paint box, and your sketch pad and get playing. Don't feel bad - play is a human right.

Oh, and this week, for half an hour, instead of working hard, I made myself in LEGO. Yay!

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