Sunday, 8 June 2008

What we’ve been up to, a new review & special purchase

Allright so we have been working to sell the comic!

Last weekend we did loads of stuff!

On saturday we went along to the No Barcodes event at camden market. Organised by the guys at london underground comics it was a good atmosphere with lots of other small press creators, We sold our wares to some intrepid customers who managed to find there way in to our area of the market. Theres a mash up video of the event here check it out. We didnt take part in any of the singing but viewers with a keen vision and who know what me and Lou look like might be able to spot us in the background in a few spots. Also to give someone a little plug, check out this guys site . If I manage to get some disposable income together sometime soon I will whack some down on some of his stuff because its pretty good, he even won an eagle award (Favourite Black and White Comicbook - British ) this year.

So yeah we were there we were hungover and it was fun,

The next day was a bit more tiring though. I had a stall at the camden green fair ( it was kind of last minute but I couldnt turn it down. I also have some photos! exciting!

Heres some steps about how to make a stall look passable in less than a day!

make some banners

then finish them

Now pack it all up with what you got for your stall and what you got to pack it out with, when I had been kindly directed to my pitch this is what my stuff looked like

the picture is blurry because I carried that stuff up the length of regents park and my hand was shaking as it was heavy

this is what my "spread" looked like

and the final stall, Mk1

It was just me that day so I had to chat and sell to people on my lonesome, but it was pretty fun, I had the naked bike riders behind me got asked my age for no apparent reason and got to hear other peoples opinions on the planet. At one point I had a carribean steel drum band playing right behind me for a few hours and at that point it got a bit exhausting so I had to join in with the dancing.

We also had another review, this time from Stephen Holland who manages a great comic shop up in nottingham called page 45 (

Here it is in full:

Do You Want To Kiss It Better 1 (£2-50) by various. Published in support of the World Land Trust - and printed on recycled paper using vegetable oil-based inks on presses run on 100% local wind power by people eating dandelions and non-dairy buttercups grown free-range in their gardens - this is, like many a worthy endeavour, a mixed bag of Quorn. "Cause And Effect" by Shiro (not Matsumune) may well be lifted from - sorry inspired by - USAGI YOJIMBO or some other Buddhist tract but even if so, elevated it has been into a wonderfully fluid series of panels with some fabulous curves, superb brush flourishes and unusual and dynamic camera angles. It's an anthropomorphic life lesson whose figures Mike Kunkel (HEROBEAR AND THE KID) wouldn't have been disappointed in. "Introducing The Opossum Shrimp" by Leonie O'Moore was commendable succinct and bang on-target, whilst the rest... the rest of the people mean well and are therefore saved from my usual range of heartless, caustic witherisms. Details of how to make your purchase can be found at the link.

If you dont believe me look here

I would say we were never trying to be above criticism by doing something for charity, we need feedback so we can make the next one better! but everyone should know we persauded everyone to help us out on the strength of the idea and not paying them.

In case you missed it last week Guillermo Del Toro bought a copy of our comic

Finally I knocked up a banner for us yesterday, if you like it & us feel free to use it anywhere, If you want the html code just ask.

I'll let you know when we have more stuff planned, but in the mean time if you have any comments, suggestions, or hot tips on how to sell our comic, where to go to do it or would like to have a party, get in touch.

Catch you later


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