Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ahem. Talented people. Come play with us.

Last weekend - our feet clad in Converse, clutching a small bundle of printed flyers - we made our way to Vancouver's Heritage Hall on Main Street for Comix & Stories. This intimate gathering of local artists and writers seemed the ideal spot to spread the word about DYWTKIB and our new comic, PLAY.

We circled the room, approaching the approachable and gawking in pleasure at the indie comic delights the good folks of BC spend their spare time making (along with adorable pins, prints, and the cutest little Fimo hearts complete with arteries and smiling faces). It was an inspiring sight - warm (sometimes shy) faces sat behind fold-out tables decorated with everything from the cutesy and curious to sinister and explicit. One very friendly dude tried to sell us his first porn movie, which sat proudly next to his growing collection of meticulously drawn erotic comics.

It was inspiring to say the least.

Here are a few of the Comix & Stories peeps whose work made me feel the warm and fuzzies:


We picked up a few things including Jack Bracken and Reid Psaltis' delightful new comic The Malaise Trap. (See image above)

When everyone is already producing so many wonderful things, for the sheer love of it, it would make sense that they would want to donate a little of that creative time to the production of a charity project like this, so we asked away and came away feeling positive. But it's one thing to nod your head and show interest; it takes real commitment, passion, and dedication to see that interest through to some beautiful words and pictures on a page for us. So to everyone who has already agreed to be a part of the comic, we thank you, and to all those lovely folk at Comix & stories, and everyone else still deciding - what are you waiting for? Come play with us!

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