Saturday, 7 August 2010

Stage 1 - Recruit

The first stage of doing this is like any project, getting people to help. So far we've had some success with persuading people. But we are still a way off how many we would like.

So we've been doing some posters, some ads, some schmoozing and some talking. We might not know everyone to talk to but we are getting there.

Here is a handy poster that, if you know somewhere good, you can put up.

Any comments/suggestions/headhunting assignments welcome.


Helper 2 said...

Lovely poster! Yes! Also, remember if you don't fancy yourself as an artist you can always write something and get one of your friends to help you put it into pictures! This is an Art Attack! Yay!

Jason Copland said...

What would be the deadline to submit something?

Doyou want to kiss it better said...

Hi Jason,

We are hoping to print it sometime in November, conditions permitting.

keep us updated if you are interested