Monday, 24 March 2008

No Thing

No Thing
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Some of you will now that this weekend the comics thing was in London. I had hoped to go along to this to check out some small press stuff and promote our upcoming comic.

Lou & I knocked up a flyer, but basically I couldnt get a decent number printed in a good quality in time. I just couldnt get my stuff sorted in time. This was a bit of a dissapoinment for me as Id let myself down.

Those of you that know me, may know that I had a load of money robbed from my bank account recently (more than my rents worth). like most things I brushed it aside and dealt with it (cant let it get you down after all). Evidently the 2 weeks its taken to get the money back from the bank had taken its toll on my general wellbeing. I lost my focus towards the end of last week as I didnt know what was going on with it all. So yeah now its all sorted and I’ll get back into the swing...

How Lou has persuaded me to do things for the last 2 weeks..

What your supposed bed may look like after losing a load of money and your brain with it...

m not making excuses because really I should have prepared and gone but just didnt.

I know for a few weeks now we’ve been saying its nearly done and you might be wondering where it is now, well truth be told it nearly is done, we have our page count sorted but we just need to get a few spare pages nailed & sorted. Rufus Dayglo was kind enough to draw a pin up for us over the weekend for inclusion and we pretty much just need to get one more page nailed before we confirm all the details.

This is a first foray into comics producing for me and Ive been really amazed by how much people have been able to help us out in the 2 months we’ve been doing this now. To be honest though I still dont really know much. If I havnt asked you already, if you have any tips for helping us to promote our comic once we have it ready to launch please let me know.

I have had too much easter chocolate at once and now I feel queasy. Im off to do some star jumps to burn the sugar a bit...

Kudos to you all,


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