Monday, 31 March 2008

oh yeh baby - pee your pants exciting this is!!!!

hells yeh! The comic is at the printers, it’ll be back soon and we’ll be hassling you all to buy it (and to sell em to everyone you know!), and I’m gonna take some to the new york comic con... and you’ll be able to buy it online, and all kinds of wonderful places...

hopefully both of us will have a table at the bristolcon too so come on down, I’ll be the one that smells of cider and is probably trying to violate anyone who turned up dressed as batman (you think im joking, just ask geoff, he knows thats what comic cons are for, like at brum with the summer batman - the knight was shorter!!!!!! hahahahaha, he was tiny.... i digress)

it’s on 100% recycled paper, with eco friendly vegetable oil based inks, it will be £2.50 or $5.00,with 75p postage if you buy it online. there will be a downloadable pdf with some strips in colour at some point, ’more details to follow yadda yadda yadda’ said ian......

thanks to everyone who has got involved, will get involved and helped in any way.

now you just gotta buy it!

and help with issue 2...... heeheehee

sooo exciting huh?

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